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Family law in India is an interesting mix of theology and law. It attempts to strike a balance between tradition customs and modern trends, religious principles and just morals; and sacred emotions and legal rationale. But legal principles, norms and regulations have to be separated and codified. Family law in India is codified according to the different practices in different cultures and hence is a wide subject to practice and grasp on.

There is a huge array of central statutes regulating the everyday practices of family and a lawyer that has in depth understanding of the regulations becomes the top requirement. I am an advocate practicing mainly in the field of family law for over a period of two decades. Having worked in a total of 24 states of India I have acquired an experience of dealing with a wide range of clients with an even wider range of matters and concerns.

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Mutual Consent Divorce

Before seeking dissolution of marriage by filing a petition for divorce by mutual consent there are a few factors that need to be kept in mind.

Dowry Cases

Section 498A of the Indian Penal Code is the main provision that deals with cruelty by husband or relatives of husband and makes the act criminally punishable.

Domestic Violence

The government enacted the major Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act in

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In the Indian legal system the most valued quality is perseverance. The most efficient and swiftest way of handling cases is by staying committed to the clients and by tirelessly pursuing of the rights of parties and this is what I strive to focus on. I am especially a divorce lawyer and am based at the Shivaji Nagar Court, Pune. Having gathered the goodwill of clients distressed with matrimonial law procedures I assure reasonable and precise legal advice and counsel that you are seeking.

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