Author: Adv Shailesh Joshi

Veer Savarkar’s Struggles and Contributions For India’s independence

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Vinayak Damodar Savarkar, a political leader, and a leading Indian independence activist was also a social reformer, lawyer, dramatist, historian, philosopher, and writer. Popularly referred to as Veer Savarkar, he is credited with the formulation of the Hindutva philosophy. The masses do not know much about him because of the malicious propaganda against him that ….  Continue Reading

The Sabarimala Case – Can we maintain the equilibrium?

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The Sabarimala Case – Can one maintain the equilibrium? If we are to compare all the religions around the world we will come to a conclusion that some aspects of religion have been in conflict with woman rights. Misogynistic traditions have faced the heat of reason and equality for generations but unlike clearly brutal traditions like ….  Continue Reading


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DISCUSSING THE ORDER OF NATURE- SECTION 377 Ethics and morals becomes a huge part of law in cultured society since rules and regulations exist for its smooth working. But as each state becomes more cosmopolitan and rationale driven, people demand more inclusiveness and are voicing for their rights which were either denied or remained unmentioned. ….  Continue Reading