Adv Joshi is brilliant.

5.0 rating
July 31, 2020

I have complete confidence in Advocate Joshi’s advice. He knows what he’s doing at all times – and dealing with the unexpected seems to be a specialty of his. I cannot recommend him highly enough. Adv Joshi is brilliant.

Revati Sonar

he delivers the goods

5.0 rating
June 25, 2020

I have come across a number of lawyers, most of whom just want your money. Adv Joshi is the exception, and he is exceptional. I am so grateful I found him at the most difficult time. The difference with Adv Joshi is that he delivers the goods. So he is worth every rupee spent!

Feroz Jamnagarwala

He has heart, strategy and seriousness

5.0 rating
June 12, 2020

He has heart, strategy and seriousness. – The death of a marriage after 28 years was a painful experience. I had never anticipated I would be in such a situation and had no idea what lawyer to go to… Eventually I called up Justdial and got the contacts of 3 lawyers.. I consulted all 3 and only Adv. Joshi have me the confidence to go ahead.. I also needed to make sure my will would be written to ensure my ex-wife does not profit from it and Mr. Joshi helped me tremendously.. His knowledge and seriousness is the reason for selecting him. Moreover, his heart is on the job!

Mohanlal Mittal

He interacted through whatsapp and video call

5.0 rating
June 11, 2020

During the lockdown I had some queries on my case but the courts were closed and the case was stalled.. However, I reached out to Advocate Joshi and he was very helpful.. He interacted with me through whatsapp and video call and we discussed further steps to take in the case.. He definitely goes above and beyond to help his clients.

Purvi Gupta

trust him

5.0 rating
June 2, 2020

Adv Joshi has patience and for an advocate that’s rare. He can handle anything. Trust Adv Joshi

Balaji T G

He took into account the complexity of my situation

5.0 rating
May 31, 2020

Adv Joshi listened carefully and provided clear, thoughtful, sound advice that took into account the complexity of my situation. All of my dealings with him were handled with sensitivity and respect. I would definitely recommend the services of Adv Shailesh Joshi & Associates.

Samir Merchant

He arranged for a Power of Attorney

5.0 rating
May 23, 2020

I was unsure which lawyer to select because I had very little time to attend to my own case and it would be the lawyer who would be taking care of everything. Since I was out of India, I searched online and found Adv Joshi. He was among the top 3 recommended lawyers in pathlegal. He was very patient with me and gave me an online appointment on the weekend. I discussed my case with him for a full 90 minutes where he listened to every aspect, and probed to get more information. He was able to suggest remedies on the spot which made me confident he was the man for the job!. He also arranged for a Power of Attorney in favour of my brother who attended the hearings when needed. Finally, owing to Adv. Joshi’s tremendous negotiation skills, I was able to get a divorce with a nominal alimony amount.. I am really thankful to Mr. Joshi for getting me out of this mess and I was also able to focus and carry on my work abroad while he took care of all aspects of my case.

Anshuman Bhattacharya

A great lawyer!

5.0 rating
May 13, 2020

Adv Joshi is an experienced divorce/family law advocate. Smart and very knowledgeable concerning the law, he gives you very direct advice and a realistic view of your case. He is very practical and attempts to negotiate resolutions as often as possible

Vivek Arora

nominal settlement deal

5.0 rating
May 1, 2020

What I liked about Advocate Joshi is that throughout the entire process, there were numerous times where he guided me to take decisions that helped me save on legal fees. He also got me a nominal settlement deal which I could afford. I am really impressed by his skills as well as honesty

Jagjit Bhandari

Excellent results..

5.0 rating
April 26, 2020

I am giving Advocate Joshi a 5 star review because he got me excellent results. I wound up with a very comprehensive mutual consent agreement without having to go through a lengthy trial.

Sucheta Kulkarni

Professional, direct, and a good guide for your legal issues

5.0 rating
April 12, 2020

My divorce case was heading nowhere and my previous lawyer had made a mess of things. I was searching online for legal answers and came across Shailesh Joshi’s YouTube videos which showcased his encyclopedic knowledge on law. Upon contacting him, Adv Joshi picked up the pieces, developed a strategy, and helped me understand where my ex-husband was coming from on key issues so we knew how to counteract. He fought the case relentlessly and his staff was responsive, professional, and helpful. Finally I got the divorce and the terms I was looking for ..

Shanaya Jain

Child custody

5.0 rating
March 12, 2020

I am a father of 2 and Mr. Joshi was able to successfully argue on my behalf and secure the custody of my 2 kids for me. This is very rare but considering my special situation, the judge rules in my favour.

Sandeep Deshmukh

Very professional service

5.0 rating
March 2, 2020

Very professional service. I have had my first consultation with Mr Joshi who listened carefully to all my worries, answered all my questions and reassured me about the expected outcome. I can not begin to say how grateful I am to him for his help.

Samir Patel

I Recommend This Very Experienced and Reliable L:awyer….

5.0 rating
February 23, 2020

Advocate Shailesh Joshi represented me in my divorce. He was very thorough and articulated well-prepared arguments defending my interests. I found him to be respectful and patient and he educated me on realistic expectations under difficult circumstances. I had some very unique challenges, but he remained interested in helping me achieve my personal goals and was fully invested in the best possible outcome. He never set me up with false hope, which is important in the unpredictable environment of divorce. Now, successfully divorced, I appreciate how he strategized my case by paying attention to details that proved critical to the endurance of the court’s decisions. Adv Joshi committed his talent and expertise to safeguard my future – I highly recommend him!

Sachin Malvankar

My life has changed because of Advocate Joshi

5.0 rating
February 18, 2020

I was legally divorced years ago by another lawyer who did not help me get a settlement that would work for my children and myself. I was introduced to Advocate Joshi and he took the time to review all the details of my case in a brief time and took on my case post divorce. He was so kind and generous with his time and really took control and worked on just the details that needed to be focused on and not waste time or money! I wish I went to him from the start. I would have saved so much stress and money. He got me a final settlement that I was more than satisfied with. The entire office staff and his assistants were always ready to help. My life has changed because of Advocate Joshi and I am able to move forward.

Neha Joshi

Dedicated & Intelligent

5.0 rating
February 12, 2020

No where will you find a more dedicated and intelligent lawyer. He is a master of his craft. My case lasted two and a half years and went to trial, never did I feel alone or unprepared for each step of the most trying time of my life. Adv. Joshi prepares for trial like no other I have ever come across and leaves no stone un turned. He is beyond well prepared and he has the respect of many other advocates and experts in the legal field.

Ghanshyam Singh

excellent knowledge and leadership

5.0 rating
January 27, 2020

Not knowing what to expect in a matrimonial case, I was very impressed by the effort, forethought and attention to detail made on my case. This was not a typical divorce case as my ex-husband pulled every stunt in the book including fighting for custody of the kids numerous times. Through this whole process Adv Joshi and his team provided excellent knowledge and leadership in the court room.

Sneha Goverdhan

Trustworthy & understanding

5.0 rating
January 25, 2020

Excellent, trustworthy, understanding, honest and a hard worker. I trusted him completely and I would recommend him without doubt!

Rajeev Khandelwal

Came to know from YouTube

5.0 rating
January 12, 2020

I first came to know about Advocate Joshi when I was searching in YouTube for matrimonial law. I was impressed with the forceful presentation and knowledge he showed. I contacted him and told him about my case.. He negotiated the terms on my behalf with my wife and arranged for a mutual consent divorce.. I was much satisfied because this was a quick process and I didn’t have to fight a long case. Thank you very much!!!

Sheetal Satarkar

I highly recommend...

5.0 rating
December 23, 2019

I highly recommend Advocate Shailesh Joshi. He does not waste your time and helps you not to waste your money. For the level of knowledge and skills he has, his billing is very fair and reasonable .

Simran Kaur

We are back together

5.0 rating
December 20, 2019

I was working in UK for 2 years. . Meanwhile, my wife back in India had filed a divorce case against me.. I had very little time to be back in India and attend hearings and I had no idea how to deal with this. I searched online for ‘divorce lawyer in pune’ and came across Adv. Joshi’s website I contacted him through his email and he first had a video call with me where I explained the situation I was in. He listened attentively and patiently and gave me the confidence he could handle the matter. I wired his fees to him and he arranged for a power of attorney in favour of my relative who attended hearings on my behalf.. The case progressed rapidly and when I visited India few months later, I got the situation amicably resolved.. Even my wife was convinced and after counselling by mediators and upon Adv. Joshi’s advice, she reconciled with me and now we are both together back in London!

Ranvir Singh Grewal

My case has been a great undertaking

5.0 rating
December 9, 2019

My case has been a great undertaking considering the many accusations my ex-wife has falsely accused me of. Adv Joshi fought my cases intelligently and with patience and each case including domestic violence, dowry and divorce was solved in my favour. I have already sent him a friend of mine who also he has taken good care of. I would recommend him highly to all.

Sandip Maheshwari

I was impressed by his confidence

5.0 rating
November 26, 2019

I never expected I would have to deal with divorce but when the situation came about I was at a loss as to what to do.. I had earlier done some property dealings with another lawyer and he informed me that Advocate Shailesh Joshi was a specialist divorce lawyer and new all the nuances and ins and outs of situations that can crop up. I first had an online consultation through video chat with Adv Joshi and was impressed by his confidence and knowledge. Immediately I hired him for my divorce case and he wasted no time in filing the documents, collecting supportive evidences and registering a case. He was also helpful at the time of counselling and gave me the right advice on what to say and how to negotiate. The case was solved by mutual consent after 6 months itself and I am a relieved man now! I owe a lot to Adv Joshi!

Adarsh Kumar

A great communicator!

5.0 rating
November 12, 2019

The primary advantage of Advocate Shailesh Joshi is that he is a great communicator. From the first meeting, I felt comfortable with him. He clearly explained to me what to expect and what he was going to proceed with. Needless to say, he was able to convince the judge providing excellent, well researched arguments. I soon won the case.

Ganesh Hegde

We moved the Supreme Court

5.0 rating
November 5, 2019

I have known Advocate Joshi for 3 years. He has helped me with divorce, custody and child support expertly and is well versed in other areas as well. One thing I have noted is that he does not give up even against the toughest odds. We had a very difficult case and finally moved the Supreme Court for an appropriate settlement. Adv. Joshi arranged everything and argued vociferously in my favor. The judge appointed a mediator who had a discussion with both parties and we reached an amicable settlement. I am really grateful to Adv Joshi!

Ranjan Sable

Great communication

5.0 rating
November 1, 2019

Great communication with Mr Joshi, very professional and informative whilst also reassuring.

Aditya Ajwani

Very articulate

5.0 rating
October 23, 2019

I happened to meet Advocate Joshi coincidentally when I was changing flights at Hyderabad airport. I was travelling to Bhubaneshwar where my legal case was running and Mr. Joshi, too was on his way there to fight a case.. I discussed my situation at length with him. My divorce case had been running for 2 years and had gotten no where. Mr. Joshi listened patiently to my story and suggested some strategic steps that I had not thought of before.. Next day, at Bhubaneshwar Court, I filed an application to change my lawyer and Mr. Joshi fought on my behalf. I was impressed by his articulation and confident he would deliver the result I was looking for.. In a short span of time, withing 4 months, I was able to get the divorce case and the terms too, were to my satisfaction. I am really thankful to Advocate Shailesh Joshi and took a burden off my back and saved me a lot of time as well!

Ranjan Mohanty

Adv Joshi helped me tremendously

5.0 rating
October 11, 2019

My ex-husband was pulling every stunt in the book including fighting for custody of the kids. We filed a complaint of non payment of child support against him.. In this regard, Adv Joshi helped me tremendously.. with his excellent knowledge and presentation in the court room. I don’t know what I would have done without him.

Nisha Mehta

I sailed through it

5.0 rating
October 6, 2019

Divorce is not a very pleasant thing to go through. Thanks to the guidance and support of Advocate Joshi, I sailed through it and got a resolution to my satisfaction! Thanks Shailesh Joshi!

Punam Shirodkar

Thank you very much

5.0 rating
October 2, 2019

Long story short, I am happily divorced – Thank you very much

Kamal Sharma

We were extremely satisfied

5.0 rating
September 28, 2019

We were extremely satisfied when we went to see Adv Joshi to seek legal advice on prenuptial agreements. We filled out the initial contact form on the website and shortly after were contacted by him and given an appointment for the week after. We were pleasantly surprised that Adv Joshi took all the time in the world and did not let us leave his office before all of our questions were answered. He explained complex legal matters in plain English and used examples to illustrate what certain decisions would practically mean for us. We would certainly recommend his services again because his expertise is unique and he is very welcoming and professional.

Vasant Joshi

Highly professional and approachable

5.0 rating
September 21, 2019

Highly professional and approachable service, from both Adv Shailesh Joshi and the staff. Exceeded my expectations. Highly recommended.

Harjit Singh Walia

A leader in his area of law

5.0 rating
September 16, 2019

Advocate Shailesh Joshi is a leader in his area of law. He’s clever, result driven, and great to work with!

Anand Moorthy

capable, ethical, and hard-working

5.0 rating
September 8, 2019

You won’t find a more capable, ethical, and hard-working lawyer. When I had a child custody dispute pop up last year, there was no one else I would have considered turning to. He consistently proved himself to be sharp, well-prepared and tenacious. I am thankful to him for securing the custody of my child!

Amrita Shah

I was blown away

5.0 rating
September 5, 2019

I was blown away by Mr Joshi’s knowledge and felt confident in his vast experience and knowledge in family law.

Gayatri Joshi

An exception to other lawyers

5.0 rating
September 4, 2019

Advocate Joshi is an exception to other lawyers. He cared about me and my children and our circumstances. Even after the case getting closed, we have become great friends!

Rajneesh Sharma

Preparation was the key

5.0 rating
August 31, 2019

I just wanted to thank Adv Joshi for his experience and knowledge. A divorce is something you obviously don’t always plan for, but I will say the lawyer requires a fair amount of research. I contacted Mr Joshi through a reference and I was certainly fortunate. Preparation was the key. He was knowledgeable and always prepared, but even more important accessible and responsive. I was pleased with a more creative solution and outcome. I also was pleased with his staff. I would highly recommend Adv Joshi

Jaidev Rajwade

thankful for the settlement

5.0 rating
August 26, 2019

I knew that Advocate Joshi had pioneered some work to get recognition for Veer Savarkar. I had read some newspaper articles on the same which are also on his website. I met him in Akola on the occasion of Veer Savarkar’s birth anniversary and asked him to fight my sister’s divorce case.. He truly lived up to my expectations and I am really thankful for the settlement my sister got!

Ashish Jagtap

domestic violence case

5.0 rating
August 10, 2019

I contacted him for advice on a domestic violence case I’m currently going through. Adv Joshi took time to read and understand the details of the complex case and gave sound advice and reassurance that I have a strong case and am on the right track. He filed a quashing petition in the high court and the matter was done away with!

Rudra Pratap Singh

His depth of knowledge is second to none

5.0 rating
August 3, 2019

Having dealt first hand with Advocate Joshi, I can only say that his depth of knowledge is second to none, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone in need of legal assistance in a family dispute.

Aliyah Shaikh

a truly good natured person

5.0 rating
June 3, 2019

He is not only an amazing lawyer, but a truly good natured person. Very happy to have met him and overall a positive experience.

Manav Arora

A God-sent saviour

5.0 rating
May 10, 2019

I am from Noida in Uttar Pradesh. But due to jurisdictional rules, I had to file my divorce case in Pune. A friend suggested Adv. Shailesh’s name. I was a bit sceptical to begin with. But when I spoke to him on the phone, it was a pleasant surprise. Adv. Shailesh speaks chaste Hindi. I certainly did not expect that from a person from Maharashtra. Also his voice and tone was very reassuring. So I immediately felt relieved and at home. He explained to me the intricacies of law in the simplest possible layman’s language, where his exceptional command over Hindi was a big help. Later, he handled the case so efficiently that I had to visit Pune only on three occasions and the case was settled. I will always be so grateful to him.

Aarpit Raanaa

encyclopedic knowledge

5.0 rating
April 27, 2019

I came to know about Advocate Shailesh Joshi through a Facebook post. It was a recent citation by the Gujarat High Court. After speaking to him, I realised he has an encyclopedic knowledge about divorce law and is up to date with latest developments. I hired Advocate Joshi and am glad he lived up to my expectations

Pooja Patel

A problem solver at heart

5.0 rating
April 25, 2019

I had a complicated divorce case because my wife was also a partner in our profession. Adv. Shailesh first thoroughly understood the intricacies of the financial situation and the entanglements. He advised me that some small sacrifices and practical decisions at this stage will result in a quick and mutually satisfactory resolution of the matter and long term benefits for me. He successfully solved the jigsaw puzzle and was fair to both me and my ex-wife. Now, after I have been through the process, I realize how realistic and true his advice was. I will always be grateful for and abide by his advice of training my sights on long-term consequences and goals.

CA Pranit Kumar

superb outcome

5.0 rating
April 1, 2019

Mr. Joshi gave me some fantastic advice and was able to manage my difficult family law case to a superb outcome. Highly recommended.

Faizal Mustafa

An advocate with empathy

5.0 rating
March 22, 2019

I had suffered a lot of domestic violence and was mentally depressed during the initial stages of the divorce process. I was also continuously frightened. Adv. Shailesh understood this very well. He was always reassuring and soft spoken. He handled the case efficiently and using his legal acumen, saw to it that I got sufficient alimony after the divorce. He also sent me to a good psychiatrist and counsellor. This helped me get over the mental depression and stand on my own feet. I am reborn as a happy person and all the credit goes to Adv. Shailesh.

Jayanti Kunnoorwar

knowledge on family law is excellent.

5.0 rating
March 13, 2019

Mr Joshi, thanks for getting me through some of the worst days of my life, I am so glad this court case is all over and it’s thanks to you, I could not have done this without your help and services. Your knowledge on family law is excellent.

Ganesh Pawar

fantastic support

5.0 rating
March 11, 2019

Thank you for your professionalism, sympathetic support, knowledge and fantastic support team.

Gautam Adhikari

Thanks very much.

5.0 rating
March 11, 2019

Lawyer Shailesh Joshi showed he genuinely cared about the circumstances of my needing his services. The staff was all polite and responsive, and when the time came to finalise arrangements, Mr Joshi and his team got the job done with a minimum fuss and responded promptly to my needs. Invoices were raised in accordance with our agreement and I felt everything was transparent and fair.
Thanks very much.

Manish Kulkarni

Advocate Joshi handled everything professionally

5.0 rating
March 3, 2019

I resided overseas throughout my uncontested divorce process. I had to make only 2 trips to India. Advocate Joshi handled everything professionally by himself.

Mohammad Ibrahim Jawadwala

Thanks Mr Joshi, so grateful to you

5.0 rating
February 28, 2019

I cannot recommend Shailesh Joshi and his team highly enough. When searching for a lawyer to help me through a property settlement with my ex, I was completely disheartened with the 3 lawyers before him that I spoke with until I found this practice I needed a lawyer who was 100% in my corner and would explore all avenues to make that happen. Mr Joshi did this for me in abundance. Not only did he think outside the square to make sure I was entitled to everything I should have, he did this in the quickest possible way he could, saving me thousands as well as his pricing being very reasonable throughout. He was also the first lawyer to fully explain everything to me in a simple and clear way through the whole process. Thanks Mr Joshi, so grateful to you

Rajesh Chaudhari

professional advocate

5.0 rating
February 24, 2019

Mr Joshi is really a professional advocate. He gives accurate guidance in matrimonial cases. My wife filed 4 cases against me and my family members but I don’t know how Mr. Joshi who got me out of this mess. Thanks to him, I am a free man now!

Gajanand Tyagi

He left no stone unturned

5.0 rating
February 23, 2019

I was getting married for the second time after my first marriage ended in divorce. Adv. Joshi helped me in arranging for a well worded prenuptial agreement. We also signed affidavits stating no dowry demand was made.. I was impressed with Adv. Joshi’s attention to detail and that he left no stone unturned to ensure legally there would be no problem.

Siddharth Bhat

Relief from trauma

5.0 rating
February 15, 2019

Divorce is a traumatic experience especially when it involves a battle for the custody of minor children. Here I had to contend with a husband who was financially way stronger than me, socially well connected and a cunning person. He had hired a senior advocate to fight his case, obviously paying huge fees. But Adv. Joshi used his long experience, intelligence and excellent knowledge of law in the fight for getting me the custody of my two sons. It was a long drawn battle and at times, I felt completely devoid of hopes. But he went out of his way to pacify and reassure me and spent a lot of time and effort on the case. I dread to imagine what would have happened to the children’s future if Adv. Joshi was not there by my side. I shall always be grateful to him for his legal acumen as well as his kindness and strongly recommend his name.

Sharmila Akhegaokar

you will not find better

5.0 rating
February 8, 2019

i not only recommend Advocate Shailesh Joshi here, I have also recommended him to family and friends in need of his services. I believe you will not find a better more professional and knowledgeable lawyer in this field

Neha Dubey

prenuptial agreement

5.0 rating
February 6, 2019

I met with Adv Joshi for an initial consultation in order to consider if a prenuptial agreement was the best course of action for my marriage. He spent the time to answer all my questions and encouraged me to do the right thing. I recommend dealing with him.

Rima Chitnis

Joshi was very helpful

5.0 rating
February 3, 2019

Joshi was very helpful, responsive, and professional. He delivered a streamlined and easy to follow strategy that resulted in a speedy mutual divorce. Highly recommended

Aparna Pitre

Has always explained everything

5.0 rating
February 3, 2019

Mr. Joshi has been my lawyer for the last 2 years. My case ended with me receiving full custody and all decision making for the children. My case has been a great undertaking considering the many crazy accusations in my ex-husband has falsely accused me of. Adv. Shailesh has always explained everything to me so I can understand the legal terms. I have already sent him a my relative in a similar situation who he has also taken good care of. I would recommend him highly to all.

Anita D'sa

the strategies worked

5.0 rating
January 30, 2019

I first met advocate Shailesh Joshi in Sri Lanka where I was on a business trip and he had come for a lawyer’s conference. When I came to know he was a specialist in divorce matters, I spoke to him about my own situation on the return flight. Mr. Joshi heard me patiently and gave me some strategic suggestions . I immediately understood he could take up my case and relieve me. On returning, I appointed him my lawyer and it is needless to say, he took up the case on a war footing and out-thought the opposing party and her lawyer. Finally the strategies worked in my favour and the judge dismissed my ex-wife’s domestic violence case and granted me a divorce!…

Ajit Mohanty

I feel confident with Mr Joshi’s guidance

5.0 rating
January 30, 2019

I had been referred by a friend who has a close connection with Advocate Joshi. I met with Mr Joshi and observed that he is very thorough and has great attention to detail and care. I genuinely feel that he has a great understanding of my circumstances and situation. Moving forward, I have received continuous updates regarding developments to my situation and all correspondences are clear. I feel confident with Mr Joshi’s guidance and excellent team! Though my matter is still on-going for the time being, I cannot highly recommend enough!

Pragati Srivastava

agreement to my satisfaction

5.0 rating
January 21, 2019

Although I had been married for 2 years, over time we developed a lot of differences. Mr Joshi was able to settle my divorce by mutual consent and work out a fair compromise agreement to my satisfaction

Arjun Chaphekar

A pleasure to deal with

5.0 rating
January 6, 2019

Adv Shailesh Joshi was a pleasure to deal with, available at a moment’s notice, highly patient and applied strategic thought to my situation. I felt that Adv Joshi was completed invested in helping me attain the best possible outcome, and that is what happened.

Sudha Kumari

I would not hesitate to recommend his services

5.0 rating
January 3, 2019

I am impressed by Adv Joshi’s professionalism, courtesy, efficiency and quick response. I would not hesitate to recommend his services

Rita John

He won our case at ease

5.0 rating
January 2, 2019

Utmost gratitude to Adv. Joshi who handled our affairs to a high standard. He has a high level of experience and he won our case at ease. We were very happy with the outcome.

S R Gupta

A reasonable and excellent lawyer

5.0 rating
January 1, 2019

My divorce case was handled by Adv. Shailesh joshi most efficiently and professionally. His fees were also very reasonable and he saw to it that no time was wasted during the process which is quite rare for an advocate. I highly recommend Adv. Shailesh joshi’s name for family court matters.

Dr. Ganesh Pujari

He gave us the best of options

5.0 rating
December 22, 2018

I chose Shailesh Joshi to handle my separation after reviewing a few dozen legal firms web sites. I selected him because I thought he would support me in my attempts to have a simple and mutually agreeable separation. This is exactly what was delivered by him. My options were very clearly explained and the subsequent process was straight forward and I am very happy with the outcome. He gave us the best of options which worked in our favour.

Amarsingh Rajwade

He was very understanding

4.0 rating
November 30, 2018

I contacted Advocate Joshi about 3 years ago and started my divorce process. Mid term I had to withdraw for personal reasons. He was very understanding and jumped back on board when I was ready to proceed. I had no obstacles or issues along the way, the process and experience was of no stress to me at all and everything was handled for me perfectly in turn providing me the finalized divorce procedure and approval from the courts I had been looking. I would highly recommend his services to anyone seeking a divorce that is affordable, easy and professional

Ranjeeta Singh

My divorce was handled efficiently

5.0 rating
November 15, 2018

The team at Advocate Shailesh Joshi’s office was just fantastic. They were professional but caring, always helpful and available when I had questions or just needed some reassurance. My divorce was handled efficiently and effectively with constant communication. Nothing went wrong in his presence

Anant Bapat

completely happy

5.0 rating
September 26, 2018

This was not a pleasant process, but it was necessary. Advocate Shailesh Joshi and team were always completely professional and gave me very realistic advice. They really helped me focus on trying to get everything resolved, and I always knew they had my back even which included when they gave me ‘tough love’. Mine was a complicated case, but Mr Joshi and her team are so astute that they got the details previous lawyers had missed. I was completely happy with their services

Alpesh Gandhi

A lawyer as well as a social activist

5.0 rating
September 13, 2018

Adv. Shailesh was my divorce lawyer. I found him to be an excellent, efficient and knowledgeable lawyer. We had a number of interactions during the process and I came to find that we share a lot of ideas and principles. He recommended that I read his blogs and some article published by him. It was a pleasant surprise to find that he finds time and energy to work hard towards upholding the principles and the causes he believes in. These days, it is very rare to find a person with such noble intentions and efforts in spite of a hectic and demanding professional life. I wish him best in his endeavours as a social worker as well as an advocate and highly recommend his name as an advocate.

Saumya Chakroborty

no stone un turned

5.0 rating
August 28, 2018

Joshi prepares for the trial like no other I have ever come across and leaves no stone un turned. He has the talent of foreseeing intimate details and and advises wisely

Mangesh Deshmukh

so incredibly easy

5.0 rating
August 14, 2018

This was so incredibly easy really have nothing but the BEST things to say about Advocate Joshi. I highly recommend him, in 2 months everything was complete and totally worth the extra money. He kept in touch with me every step of the way too and always answered my questions quickly. I will definitely recommend him

Laxmi Nagarajan

He is understanding

4.0 rating
August 10, 2018

I have nothing but the best to say about Mr. Joshi. I am very fortunate to have him as my lawyer. He is understanding, articulate and very experienced…

Mugdha Gadgil

I recommended him

5.0 rating
July 31, 2018

I read about Mr. Joshi’s campaign for Bharat Ratna to Veer Savarkar. I was quite impressed here was a lawyer who was also engaged in social issues. I recommended him to my niece who was facing a marital breakdown. Mr. Joshi solved her issues and she is now reconciled with her husband

Gurpreet Singh

He stood as a strong Pillar

5.0 rating
July 26, 2018

I was very happy and fortunate in my dealings with Advocate Shailesh Joshi. He handled my case with understanding, sensitivity and humour. I was dealing with very adversarial lawyers in my divorce but Mr Joshi was able to support me through the process and helped secure a great result. He stood as a strong Pillar and is amazing in law.

Ananya Desai

pure professional

5.0 rating
July 13, 2018

Advocate Shailesh Joshi is a pure professional he guided me through the most difficult process one can go through. He advised me on all topics every step of the way. He never rushed me and always took time to explain things to me. I am thankful to him for making my divorce process smooth

Sunit Goyal

A sensitive approach to a senior citizen’s divorce

5.0 rating
July 1, 2018

I was highly criticized by my children and relatives when I declared my intention to get a divorce from my wife of 35 years and get remarried to someone I had fallen in love with. They thought I had gone senile. I told them that I had carried on with a very unhappy marriage just for their sake. But now since my responsibilities towards them were over, I wanted to live my life as per my own will. I approached Adv. Shailesh with some doubts in my mind that he would also drive me away. But surprisingly, he listened to me very carefully and went to the bottom of the matter with his probing questions. Once he was convinced that I was sincere in my feelings and intentions, he went all out to help me and at the same time, was careful that my ex-wife was mentally prepared for the inevitable and was financially well taken care of. As a result I entered a new phase of life without any regrets or feelings of guilt. It is very rare for an advocate to be so sensitive and at the same time professional. I am extremely grateful to him and recommend his name highly.

Somanath Shrungarpure

smart, savvy and goes the extra mile

5.0 rating
June 21, 2018

Shailesh Joshi is smart, savvy and goes the extra mile for his clients. He is professional, well spoken and very intelligent. He takes the time to check the most current updates to ensure you receive the best advice no matter what area of law. He has patience and for a lawyer that’s rare. I trust Advocate Joshi

Gayatri Deglurkar

The fees were reasonable

5.0 rating
June 12, 2018

I am based in Canada and I was looking for legal representation in India as well since my case had run into complications both here and in India. I found Shailesh to be the most “people friendly” attorney I have ever used. He was very responsive and coordinated well with my attorney in Toronto. Eventually I got my divorce in quick time at a settlement I could afford. The fees were reasonable too.

Anil Sonawane

He was very thorough

5.0 rating
June 6, 2018

Shailesh Joshi represented me in my divorce. He was very thorough and articulated well-prepared arguments defending my interests. I found him to be respectful and patient when he had to educate me on realistic expectations under difficult circumstances. I had some very unique challenges, but he remained interested in helping me achieve my personal goals and was fully invested in the best possible outcome. Now, successfully divorced, I appreciate how Advocate Joshi strategized my case by paying attention to details that proved critical to the endurance of the court’s decisions

Naina Tiwari

am really thankful

5.0 rating
May 13, 2018

Mr.Joshi is really a one stop destination for family matters. I am really thankful for him for bringing me out of my marriage dispute. He is an advocate you can blindly trust. I strongly recommend him!

Manohar Wadhwani

honest and sincere

5.0 rating
April 29, 2018

Advocate Shailesh Joshi was very transparent, honest and sincere in his advice over the phone. He could have easily led me down a dead end so he could make money but he was direct about my situation. He didn’t charge for his advice! His honesty and sensitivity is what impressed me the most. Highly recommended!!

Girish Wagh

I would recommend him highly to all

5.0 rating
April 14, 2018

Advocate Shailesh has been my lawyer since 2015. My case had been running since 2012 but 3 years passed without any result. Advocate Shailesh gave me the confidence that I would finally win. He filed my appeal in the custody case in the Bombay High Court.. and in a span of 10 months I won my case. Shailesh always explained everything to me so I can understand the legal terms. I have already recommended a good friend of mine who he has also taken good care of. I would recommend him highly to all

Reena Desai

he is a wonderful Lawyer

5.0 rating
April 4, 2018

This service was wonderful. My lawyer answered all my questions thoroughly and was very knowledgeable. Everything about a divorce is stressful so it was so good to get armed with information. I can now sleep at night, Thanks to Mr Shailesh Joshi, he is a wonderful Lawyer !! Recommend this hour long consultation for anyone going through a divorce so you know where you stand.

Vikas Kolhekar

I am a free man

5.0 rating
March 15, 2018

Mr.Joshi helped me tremendously by addressing my Domestic Violence case .. I filed my divorce case from Jaipur and am a free man now!..

Rajat Lamba

Highly recommend

5.0 rating
February 21, 2018

Highly recommend Lawyer Shailesh Joshi. Proficient, reliable and professional approach to all aspects of settlement. Mr Joshi’s assistance far exceeded my high expectations. I was relieved having him by my side, now I consult him for other legal matters as well.

Shridhar Gaitonde

responsive, professional, and helpful

5.0 rating
January 24, 2018

My previous lawyer was uninterested in my case. He wasn’t even able to prepare a sound strategy and did mostly clerical work. dropped way too many. I did a quick check on and came to know about Advocate Joshi. In my very first interaction, I knew he was the man for the job. Joshi picked up the pieces, developed a strategy, and helped me understand where my ex-husband was coming from on key issues so we knew how to counteract. He was realistic with me, but relentless on key issues and was responsive, professional, and helpful

Meena Nair

I would recommend him

5.0 rating
December 30, 2017

I am so thankful I was referred to Joshi Sir, and that he was the one assigned to my case. I would recommend him for anyone going through the unfortunate process of divorce

Raju Shinde

highly recommend Mr. Joshi

5.0 rating
December 13, 2017

I highly recommend Mr. Joshi as he took his time in explaining the details including all feasible scenarios and all possible outcomes to help make key decisions

Ritu Gupta

I'm so relieved it's over

5.0 rating
November 30, 2017

I’m very happy with Joshi! It was a very fast expedited mutual consent divorce. Once the compromise agreement was signed we got the divorce in just 6 months. Thank you so much for helping me through this! I’m so relieved it’s over

Seema Chainani


5.0 rating
October 5, 2017

I had been dreading doing this divorce but Shailesh made it happen so quickly and painlessly, I couldn’t believe it. I would definitely recommend using Shailesh for your divorce, very happy with my experience

Simranbir Kaur

realistic view

5.0 rating
September 25, 2017

Shailesh gives you very direct advice and a realistic view of your case. He is very practical and attempts to negotiate resolutions as often as possible

Archana Patil

in control

5.0 rating
September 12, 2017

From the beginning to the end, you ensured you are in control of the proceedings. Even when you were on vacation, you answered my calls and responded to my queries. For your effort I would like to give you 10 Super Stars!!

Nilesh Doshi

a big thanks to your team!

5.0 rating
August 9, 2017

I am thankful to you for consistently being available and responsive throughout the past couple of months. I was down and worried as to how I will come out of this predicament, but you were a great support and the best lawyer. You stood by me, you knew I was not wrong. Also, a big thanks to your team!

Premanand Chettiar

divorce petition for desertion

5.0 rating
August 2, 2017

My wife had gone missing and I was unable to find her. I filed a divorce petition for desertion and Mr. Joshi helped me immensely. We tracked her down, got her to submit her say in the court and finally got a compromise drafted… Thanks for your help!.

Amit Mittal

Absolutely thrilled with Adv. Joshi

5.0 rating
July 30, 2017

Absolutely thrilled with the professionalism and quick responses of Mr. Joshi… He makes you feel comfortable throughout the process

Narendra Zaveri

extremely knowledgeable

5.0 rating
July 13, 2017

I have worked with Mr. Joshi and have found him to be extremely knowledgeable as it relates to family matters. He is always well prepared and dedicated to his job

Ayush Khole

perfect advice

5.0 rating
July 2, 2017

What I like about Advocate Shailesh Joshi is that he will be fair with you and give you perfect advice on what he can accomplish and what will be the ramifications of the divorce situation

Tanmay Bhide

Mr. Joshi is well organised

5.0 rating
June 30, 2017

A great choice to help me through a difficult time, Mr. Joshi is well organised and made the divorce process hassle free. Full marks to him!

Renuka Rahane

He is brilliant

5.0 rating
June 25, 2017

Advocate Shailesh Joshi knows what he’s doing at all times – and dealing with the unexpected seems to be his specialty. I cannot recommend him highly enough. He is brilliant

Mahesh Jagtap

satisfactory settlement

5.0 rating
June 24, 2017

Shailesh Joshi was my divorce lawyer after an 8 year marriage. The breakdown of a marriage whether it was good or bad is so painful and the development overwhelming. I was referred to Advocate Joshi through a friend who had been in a similar situation. Once we got started I felt protected and at ease having him deal with my case. He only told me to focus on efficiency at my work and leave the rest to him. Thankfully, it worked out that way too. I got a satisfactory settlement and have been able to settle down again with my second marriage

Sagar Shinde

definitely recommend

5.0 rating
June 15, 2017

Many thanks to Advocate Joshi for the excellent job on my case! I can’t tell you how wonderful it feels to have this burden lifted. I wish Advocate Shailesh Joshi much success in your future and I will most definitely recommend your office to others in need of excellent representation! Thanks

Arun Sawant

brilliant argumentative ability

5.0 rating
June 14, 2017

Based on my overall experience, in particular because of the brilliant argumentative ability of Mr. Joshi, I would not have any hesitation in recommending his services

Rekha Deshpande

Excellent and quick legal services

5.0 rating
May 23, 2017

I had got a job overseas but wanted to complete my divorce proceedings before I could leave India. Adv. Shailesh used all his persuasive skills to convince my wife that it was in the interest of both of us to accelerate the proceedings of getting a divorce with mutual consent. He could also convince the family court about the need for urgency and got the decree within a short time of one month. So I didn’t miss the excellent job opportunity and could leave India without a burden on my heart. Words are not sufficient to thank Adv. Shailesh.

Jayant Joshi

best divorce and matrimonial lawyers

5.0 rating
May 13, 2017

One of the best divorce and matrimonial lawyers in Pune … 100% satisfaction guaranteed…

Harshada Solanki

Words can't describe

5.0 rating
April 30, 2017

Words can’t describe how happy I am with Advocate Shailesh and his team. Everyone was so quick to respond to any questions I had about my divorce. I still can’t believe how fast and easy this went. Great job guys!

Diana Rego

I am happy

5.0 rating
April 4, 2017

I searched online and after reading Mr. Joshi’s reviews, I was satisfied. I met him and appointed him my lawyer. My husband had deserted me and was living with another woman. Mr. Joshi discussed the entire situation with me and files the appropriate cases against my husband.. My marriage has ended but I am happy I have got justice in terms of alimony and settlement

Ruchira Pandey

I found Mr. Joshi to be most suitable

5.0 rating
February 15, 2017

My only regret is that I didn’t find Shailesh Joshi earlier in my divorce saga. After wasting much time and money on trial, I decided to seek a second opinion. I contacted a few lawyers through and after interviewing 3, I found Mr. Joshi to be most suitable because he had the experience of solving a similar situation before. I made him incharge of my cases and he was instrumental in settling the matter. – I highly recommend him

Prateek Shelar

Mr. Joshi is a skilled professional

5.0 rating
January 31, 2017

Good service from the first enquiry phone call up until the final paperwork. Mr. Joshi is a skilled professional

Sushmita Basu

leader in his area of law

5.0 rating
January 30, 2017

Advocate Joshi is a leader in his area of law. He’s bright, result driven, fair and great to work with! I would and have recommended him to others in need of a top notch lawyer.

Naina Sorte

very rational

5.0 rating
January 15, 2017

During a divorce, many lawyers are quick to exploit your emotions with unnecessary work that only profits them. But this is not the case with Mr. Joshi. He is very rational and only escalates matters if they are needed

S. Prabhakaran

divorce, custody and child support

5.0 rating
December 23, 2016

I have known Shailesh for 4 years. He has helped me with divorce, custody and child support. He is a zealous advocate who will work hard for you and your children. He does not give up even against the toughest odds

Jigna Kothari

was able to successfully counter their moves

5.0 rating
December 13, 2016

From the start Joshi was professional, knowledgeable and cared about me as a person. I thought I had a simple case but unfortunately my case became complicated purely by the opposing party. However, Joshi was able to successfully counter their moves and employed new strategies that finally turned in my favour and a compromise was achieved.

Sachin Janardhan

I could rely on him

5.0 rating
November 23, 2016

Advocate Shailesh Joshi kept me up to date with every stage of the divorce process. He really took the burden off me and I could rely on him to take my case forward so I could concentrate on my own work

Romi Bhatnagar

It is thanks only to his efforts that I won my case!

5.0 rating
November 22, 2016

I am indebted to Shailesh for his victory in my most difficult custody case as all the cards were stacked against me. It is thanks only to his efforts that I won my case!

Shweta Fernandes

I am grateful to Mr. Joshi

5.0 rating
October 15, 2016

I was legally divorced 2 years ago by another lawyer but did not have a settlement that would work for my children and myself. I decided to fight again and approached Mr. Joshi after reading an article about him in the newspaper. He filed for alimony and within 12 months I had a decent amount that was adequate for me and my children. I am grateful to Mr. Joshi

Amita Shah

He is certainly a five star lawyer

5.0 rating
September 22, 2016

I heard Mr. Joshi speak in a seminar and since then have been his fan. He displayed an amazing grasp of different aspects of family law. He has legal cases running in 20 states of India. I enjoy reading his posts and follow him on social media. He is certainly a five star lawyer

Anuradha Tipnis

I am a happily divorced man

5.0 rating
August 12, 2016

Mr. Joshi addressed my domestic violence case in Pune, and also fought my divorce case from Kolkata. Owing to his skills, I trusted him completely and finally we won the cases. I am a happily divorced man thanks to him 😊

Anshuman Bhattacharya

A relief from a nightmare thanks to Adv. Shailesh

5.0 rating
August 5, 2016

I and my parents had a traumatic time when my ex-wife falsely alleged domestic violence and tried to extract money from us. We faced a lot of harassment from the police. The society at large was also naturally sympathetic to my ex-wife. At a friend’s request, I approached Adv. Shailesh Joshi. He was a sympathetic listener as well as a very thorough interviewer probing deeply for facts. But once he was convinced about the truth, he handled our case so efficiently that all the charges against us were disproved and I was granted a divorce within a short period with reasonable financial consequences. His fees were also very reasonable. I will recommend his name strongly in similar cases of blackmail.

Harshal M. Mehta

He was professional

4.0 rating
August 5, 2016

I employed Mr. Joshi only to work out a compromise agreement between me and my wife. He was professional and has great convincing ability.. The agreement was made to my satisfaction..

Gyanendra Agarwal

very pleasant experience

5.0 rating
July 30, 2016

very pleasant experience having Shailesh Joshi as my divorce lawyer. Everything went through very smoothly. Thank you so much! Highly recommend!

Naresh Chandra

He is truly a reliable advocate

5.0 rating
July 12, 2016

I will give a honest word that I was satisfied with the help and advice of Mr. Joshi.. He is truly a reliable advocate

Komal Pandya

mutual consent divorce

5.0 rating
June 25, 2016

I certainly had no major issues and this was suitable for my purpose. Mr. Joshi met my ex-husband and worked out a separation agreement between us. Our mutual consent divorce was straightforward

Aarushi Mehta

smooth and easy

5.0 rating
June 23, 2016

Divorce isn’t pleasant but – subject to it being a mutual agreement – it doesn’t have to be hideously expensive or really complicated. Mr. Joshi can facilitate a smooth and easy divorce!

Raju Sharma

considerate and knowledgeable

5.0 rating
June 16, 2016

I am a member of Advocate Shailesh Joshi’s Yuva Manch. I know him to be a considerate and knowledgeable person. I wish him all the best!

Jayant Bhave

he was sharp and tenacious

5.0 rating
June 5, 2016

When I had a divorce and child custody dispute last year, I searched online and found out about Mr. Joshi through his website. I was impressed with the law-based articles and reviews he had on his website. When I met him I found he was sharp and tenacious. Thanks to him my divorce and custody cased were resolved to my satisfaction

Meghna Wagh

I trust him completely

5.0 rating
May 29, 2016

Excellent & hard working. I trust him completely…. I would recommend him without a doubt

Leena Govil

highly appreciable

5.0 rating
April 3, 2016

It was really such a positive and highly appreciable experience with Mr Shailesh Joshi. He is the best lawyer to seek legal advice regarding matrimonial issues. He is not only a committed professional but also great person

Suvidha Singh

He gave me the confidence

5.0 rating
March 15, 2016

I was searching for a good lawyer on and spoke to 5 of them. After meeting Mr. Joshi, I realised I needed to look no further. He gave me the confidence he would solve my issue without much hassle and that is what finally happened. I strongly recommend Mr. Joshi!

Nivedita Pathare

An efficient lawyer with an excellent team

5.0 rating
March 1, 2016

Adv. Shailesh Joshi was my lawyer in my divorce case. He was very thorough, professional, intelligent and at the same time very humane. But more importantly, I found that he has trained his staff also extremely well. They were thoroughly efficient and professional but at the same time very polite and soft spoken and understanding that the client is facing a lot of trauma. This is very rare in case of legal practices, which normally tends to be dry and business like. I am very grateful for his services and conduct. I must highly recommend his name.

Baijor Nathawalla

Shailesh’s approach was about doing what’s right

5.0 rating
January 26, 2016

Shailesh was referred to me by a lawyer friend of mine.. Divorce is not an enjoyable process and having a good lawyer represent you is very important. Shailesh’s knowledge of divorce law was only surpassed by his genuine and sincere people skills. I was warned by many about lawyers who drag things on and charge inflated bills. Shailesh’s approach was about doing what’s right for the kids, me and overall the least expensive conclusion. His focus was always on finding a fair and equitable conclusion while protecting my interests and not forgetting my 2 kids

Devika Arora

forever indebted

5.0 rating
January 21, 2016

I am a UK based NRI and my wife had deserted me returning to India and filing a domestic violence case against me there. It was then that I approached Mr. Joshi who was referred to me by a colleague. Mr. Joshi took stock of the situation and though I was away he handled things very well in India. He kept me updated through Skype calls. Finally he quashed the domestic violence case within 8 months. I am forever indebted to him for making things easy.

Amanpreet Gill

Domestic Violence

5.0 rating
January 16, 2016

got falsely accused by my wife and her parents for Domestic Violence. I hired Mr. Joshi and he was successfully able to quash the case after we approached the Bombay High Court.

Kirit Shah

Shailesh Joshi is a great choice

5.0 rating
December 30, 2015

Advocate Joshi is an excellent family lawyer. I am a father of 2, and he was able to get me custody of my kids which is very rare. Shailesh Joshi is a great choice for an unfortunate situation such as a divorce

Amit Bandkar

His execution of services is excellent

5.0 rating
November 30, 2015

I was a little nervous when I had to first visit the court. Lawyer Joshi stood by me in the entire process. His execution of services is excellent, he knew my state of mind & made sure that I was not burdened with the case proceedings, he took care of all the activities

Anil Agarwal

his actions reflect a true passion

5.0 rating
November 11, 2015

What I like about Advocate Shailesh Joshi is his actions reflect a true passion for legal work and a genuine concern for his client’s best interests

Supriya Sonawane

helped me by filing for guardianship

5.0 rating
August 30, 2015

I filed and successfully got a divorce in 2015. However, what was remaining was visitation rights so I could see my child. Advocate Joshi helped me by filing for guardianship and now my child is with me every weekend.

Himesh Shah

advised me appropriately

5.0 rating
August 26, 2015

I liked his frankness and the fact that he made no false promises. He advised me appropriately regarding steps to take and the estimated time duration and things worked accordingly.. He is truly experienced and knowledgeable

Jonita D’souza.

He studied the nitty-gritties of the case

4.0 rating
August 22, 2015

When my wife demanded a settlement of 50 Lakhs, e Attorney, I had to take a second opinion. I approached Mr. Joshi after checking his profile on He studied the nitty-gritties of the case and came up with a new tactic that really turned the tide in my favour and she came herself to compromise with me in 15 lakhs

Sanjay Chacko

excellent advice

5.0 rating
August 13, 2015

A very positive feedback for the excellent advice and help we got from Advocate Shailesh Joshi a couple of months back. So far it seems the problems are solved. Many thanks for taking my case which was so difficult and left in the middle by the previous lawyer. I had no clue how the proceedings would go further, but you were just amazing.

Ameya Samant

He is supportive and a pleasure to work with.

5.0 rating
July 24, 2015

Mr. Joshi is smart, efficient and really knows matrimonial law. He does not waste your time nor money. He is supportive and a pleasure to work with.

Anand Wankhede

he kept me focused and my eye towards the end goal

5.0 rating
July 18, 2015

I came across Advocate Joshi’s website while searching online for information on Mutual Consent Divorce Online. The situation I was in was severely stacked against me but Advocate Joshi remained positive. More importantly he kept me focused and my eye towards the end goal. This is the most important trait in a divorce lawyer

Jitesh Dave

flawless services

5.0 rating
July 12, 2015

Mr. Joshi’s flawless services have really given a new life to my once tangled and deplorable situation. He helped me in getting ”separated’ in the most graceful & hassle-free manner. I would always be obliged to him

Abhinav Verma

gave me confidence

5.0 rating
June 25, 2015

I had no personal contact of any lawyer, and Google was my only source. Searching for a Divorce Lawyer, I came up with Advocate Joshi’s website I truly loved the representation of activities and case studies, this gave me the confidence to contact him as a Lawyer and today I recommend him to all people who look for good lawyers.

Ashutosh Satarkar

very happy

5.0 rating
June 22, 2015

I was very happy with my lawyer Mr Shailesh Joshi who dealt with my matter in a very professional way that gave me the confidence to continue with his services. Excellent Lawyer, happy with the outcome, asked for more money after the case was closed. He gave me some good info and direction

Shriram Deshpande

I am very satisfied

5.0 rating
May 19, 2015

From our first meeting with him, I felt comfortable with him. He told me what to expect, and how he was going to proceed with our case. He has kept me in loop throughout the entire process. I am very satisfied to have him as my lawyer

Prerna Nautiyal

excellent knowledge and leadership

5.0 rating
May 14, 2015

Not knowing what to expect in a a matrimonial case, I was very impressed by the effort, forethought and attention to detail made by Mr. Joshi. This was not a typical divorce case as my ex-husband pulled every stunt in the book including fighting for custody of the kids. Through this whole process Mr. Joshi provided excellent knowledge and leadership in the court room. I do not know what I would have done without his representation.

Sohini Banerjee


5.0 rating
February 2, 2015

BEST LAWYER EVER!! My earlier lawyer was not taking any initiatives and the case had dragged for long! Finally, I contacted Mr Joshi after I came across his posts on Social Media (Facebook). He was very helpful throughout my case. He was on top of everything! He kept me informed about all requirements, so I was adequately prepared before each court hearing. He also made me comfortable and gave me the confidence things would go my way. I would recommend him to all those who need a family lawyer’s assistance.

Nikhil Parbatani

Divorce is never fun

4.0 rating
December 31, 2014

I hired Advocate Shailesh Joshi as my lawyer my divorce and found Mr Joshi to be very professional and he had very good advice to ensure a fair and equitable divorce settlement. Divorce is never fun but having a lawyer who understands your point of view but who is also able to tell you what you can expect legally is important.

Kshitij Singh

Simple, easy and hassle free service

5.0 rating
December 31, 2014

Simple, easy and hassle free service. I would highly recommend to anyone, who is looking for uncomplicated solution for their divorce. Well worth the price!

Sunita Waghmare

he is excellent

5.0 rating
November 2, 2014

Great law firm, the price you pay is worth it. If you’re ever in need of help during a family matter that requires lawyers to get involved, ask for Lawyer Shailesh Joshi, he is excellent, always on top of everything and moving everything in position to make a great case for you

Shailesh Barne

such a relief

5.0 rating
August 31, 2014

We were so relieved when we moved our case to Lawyer Shailesh Joshi in Pune. Shailesh very quickly came up to speed with our case, was supportive, responsive and compassionate regarding a very difficult situation. In addition, Shailesh was able to communicate with us and explain the legal system and process in a way we could understanding, such a relief and we felt our Lawyer was working in our best interest.

Ashwin Naik

Completely professional, compassionate and helpful.

5.0 rating
July 22, 2014

Completely professional, compassionate and helpful.
Advocate Shailesh Joshi and the team supported me through a very hard time, and reached the best possible outcome for all involved. Divorce can be beyond stressful, however Mr Joshi made my case very simple and dealt with full confidence.
Forever grateful, thank you again!

Ratanlal Pandey

Absolute professional

5.0 rating
July 15, 2014

Absolute professional! Advocate Shailesh Joshi made me feel so comfortable and informed throughout the whole process. Their efficiency and knowledge is second to none. I cannot recommend them enough for anyone dealing with family law matters! His proceedings are clean and clear and he involves you in every task of your case he undertakes.

Anbarasu Reddy

I was so relieved

5.0 rating
July 14, 2014

My divorce case was an absolute complex one. 3 lawyers were involved; however none of them could complete the case. I was shattered; I was introduced to Mr Shailesh Joshi by a friend. I had lost the interest in my own case, but in a regular conversation My Joshi shared few points with me which worked in my favour. I went ahead contacted him and hired him as my divorce lawyer, within a time frame of 7 months my divorce was done and I was so relieved from all the non-sense I was going through.

Pallab Chatterjee

so comfortable

5.0 rating
June 13, 2014

I had just landed in Pune and had to sort some legal matters. I knew no lawyers in Pune, I searched for all and came across Mr Shailesh Joshi. My first meet with him was so comfortable and full of thoughtful discussion. By now I had made my decision to hire Mr Joshi as my lawyer and represent my case in court. Many times he managed to get the proceedings done in my absence since I was not based in Pune, however he never made the opposite party discomfort able.

Upendra Sorte

Would recommend.

5.0 rating
May 31, 2014

From my initial enquiry, all the way through the process, fantastic service from Divorce Lawyer Shailesh Joshi. Very helpful and made the whole thing stress free and straight forward. Would recommend.

Neha Kulkarni

He is a man full of knowledge

5.0 rating
May 18, 2014

I had some issues to be sorted within the family, however things went beyond expectation and we had to move to court, I had no clue of how the court proceedings work. I met Mr Shailesh Joshi, I found him over internet. I was happy to see his work, so I met him. He is a man full of knowledge, amazing at law. My case went super strong after involving him. I recommend him to all those needy ones who have no idea about legal process.

Rajeev Nimbalkar

I would not hesitate to refer his services.

5.0 rating
January 31, 2014

I have known Advocate Shailesh Joshi professionally for a couple of years. His dedication, professionalism and expertise is matched with his effective communication, compassion and understanding. I would not hesitate to refer his services.

Samir Gowda

Review Divorce Lawyer Advocate Shailesh Joshi